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With the support and determination of former Mayor Soledad C. Eusebio, Hon. Mayor Vicente P. Eusebio, and the member of the City Council, the school was founded on October 7, 2004, by virtue by virtue of City Ordinance No. 28, series 2004. It was named Pasig City Science High School.

The school formally opened in School Year 2005-2006 using temporarily the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig building. Mr. Noel A. Salalima became its first principal. Ms. Edna H. Negru and Ms. Mila I. Jose were appointed as the Head Teachers together with the first batch of faculty composed of nineteen (19) competent special science teachers. Four (4) support staff aided the administrators.

In January of 2014, Chief Education Program Supervisor Mrs. Ligaya Insigne took over the school as OIC-Principal, bringing with her the mandate from the Office of the Mayor to hone the future leaders and young scientists. In June of 2014, the reign of Pasig City Science High School was under the stewardship of Mr. Jay Mathias A. Arellano.

Currently, Pasig City Science High School continues its legacy under the strong leadership of Mr. Charlie O. Fababaer. As a homegrown school leader, our Principal endeavors to fulfill the school's mission and vision—to fully develop well-rounded, nurturing, and excellent students who are globally competitive and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the time in the field of Science and Technology.

The School Seal

pcshs logo.png

The leadership of Pasig City Science High School chose to have a round design for its official logo to symbolize its unwavering and absolute commitment to the total, holistic, and well-rounded training and development of its students. True to its vision and mission statements, the school aims to touch the hearts, teach the minds, and train the hands of scientifically, mathematically, and technologically-oriented students who will one day lead in their respective chosen fields in these disciplines for the betterment of their city and their country.

The torch with a blazing flame at its center of the emblem stands for the burning passion of its administrators, teachers, and students for knowledge and wisdom. Administrators, teachers, and students alike must love and embrace lifelong learning so that they may always impart fresh and new ideas, concepts and methods, and updated and useful information to the next generations. In addition, the torch also symbolizes the high quality of education that the school offers.

The open book symbolizes the book of knowledge. It is open, for it should forever be read, reviewed, and refreshed by all who wish to benefit from its teachings.

The sun on the left-hand corner of the book represents the school's mission-vision and its highest ideals and aspirations. The eight (8) rays of the sun symbolize the various entities collectively working towards the realization of the school's raison d'etre, namely: Department of Education; Office of the Mayor; City Council; Education Unit; School Administration; School Faculty; School Support Staff; School Governing Council, and Parents'-Teachers' Association (PTA): School Governing Council. These various agencies are working harmoniously, cooperatively, and collaboratively as one in order to give the highest quality of education possible to the students of Pasig City Science High School.

The star on the right-hand corner of the book represents the brilliant quality of the school's curriculum, services, manpower, and facilities. It also represents the excellent professional and personal qualities of its administration, faculty, and support staff. All these synergistically contribute to the development of excellent who are leaders and initiators in their own right.

Academic e-Library

As the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has temporarily closed all educational institutions. This nationwide closure has impacted a large number of learners. Most of the educational institutions shifted from face-to-face classes to modular and online learning modalities. Students are engaging with modules, e-books, and e-learning; and researchers, students, and teachers, are using electronics journals.

Despite these difficulties that emerged, Pascian Brigada Eskwela was set in motion on August 25, 2021. One of the projects from the said event is the "Academic Resources v.2" led by Sir Joseph S. Lara and Ms. Precious * Cavales. This project's objective is to create a website to serve as a virtual academic resource library for both students and teachers of Pasig City Science High School as our country opens to the new normal.

With the help of the project leaders and members, Pasig City Science High School has launched the PCSHS Academic e-Library to help the students and teachers in their distance learning. It aims to provide a centralized collection of modules, e-books, and electronic journals that will be accessible to all members of the PCSHS community.

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